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Fishing Rain Jackets, Pants & Bibs 

Unleash the power of protection with Desolve's Bibs and Rainwear Collection, designed to keep you dry and comfortable in the unpredictable elements of NZ’s outdoor adventures.  

Our waterproof fishing jackets, the Fathom Jacket and the Sink Or Swim Jacket along with the Sink or Swim Pants, epitomise superior waterproof functionality, providing reliable defence against the harshest weather conditions.  

Explore the pinnacle of practicality with the Proteus Bib – this waterproof fishing bib redefines comfort and functionality. Our Thrill Chaser Division fishing bibs ensure full-body protection against the elements while providing unrestricted movement for a day of angling.  

Experience the reliability of fishing bibs as they seamlessly integrate with our exceptional waterproof fishing jackets and pants, forming a formidable combination for the avid angler in hardcore conditions.