The world’s going to hell in a hand-basket! Or it’s actually not that bad and people are overreacting. Whatever your spin on it, everyone should agree that recycling some trash, planting some trees, cleaning up a river and giving our animals a helping hand is well worth doing. So in conjunction with our Sustainability Promise, the fund was established to contribute additional help to the things that matter to us... the outdoor adventurers. And hopefully we can make things a little nicer out there for the next generation.

The purpose of the Leave Only Trails Fund is to raise money to invest in positive, environmental  projects in our communities and give back to the wicked-cool areas that give so much to us.

If you know of a worthy cause that we should chuck some change at, get in touch


By purchasing Desolve you are contributing to this initiative. The primary source of money is generated from sales of marked Desolve products. A portion of revenue from these products will be fed into the fund.  The money is then spent on projects that the whole team agrees are well worth the investment.

The funds raised and projects will be shown right here so everyone can see where their money is going the difference they are making.

we are the sea, the river, the beach, the water

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