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Sun faded and salt stained, we breathe for the escape days where we can lean into the spray and explore the expanding horizons. We’re adrenaline junkies in search of the ones that broke us off, the thousand cast days and the summer binge. We’ll never stop seeking, chasing the light and exploring the blue. We pray to the gods of heightened heart rates, worship the hardcore thrashers and obey the rules of chaos. So here’s to those who seek relief in the touch of water, the sound of waves, and the smell of freshly caught fish. 

Created for the sea-dog lifestyle, we make swag from t-shirts to techy gear for the weekend tail chasers, who itch for the rocking of the waves, the salty sea breeze, and that tug on the line. Our range is built to perform while reeling in trophies and also look the part while spinning yarns about how big it was over beers on the tail of the truck afterward. 

The sun can take a toll when you're out on the water all day so we have pieces designed to protect you from our harsh UV rays, from hats to long sleeve tops whilst still looking sharp. We are one of you and we know that salty lads aren't just fair-weather fishermen, so we build windbreakers, waders, and rain-wear to keep the elements at bay, so you can explore further and fish for longer.

We know Saturdays are made for drinking beer, digging sand out of our ass cracks and hooking dinks. We’re jumping off the high rock, surrounding bonfires and getting lost. We are the sea, the river, the beach, the water.


In 2020 the Desolve® Supply Co. brand was born. We design, create, and supply high performing fishing swag that can handle the punishment we put it through on our missions. We have an incredible team of young designers who are itching to create gear for themselves and their mates. 

As a leading supplier of fly fishing gear, we want to continue to bring our specially designed wading gear to fisherman in NZ and Australia. We have absorbed the Riverworks brand so you will still be able to get waders, boots and fly fishing gear that you know and trust at Desolve Supply Co. 

Our goal has always been to pursue our passion, so this natural evolution has been an incredible journey to be a part of. We have a team full of passion, who have a strong purpose, and it has been one helluva trip so far. Read our story below and get to know us a little better.