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concious design philosophy

Our goal at Desolve is to be innovative and create sports and lifestyle wear that is of unrivalled quality. While doing this we want to remain socially and environmentally aware. Every product is driven by innovation and utilises cutting edge technology, design and production, to create incomparable comfort, performance, and durability. Our emphasis on social and environmental awareness requires that each stage of our product lifecycle be analysed from the design phase, through to production, and eventually product disposal after years of use.

When considering new products, we put a lot of time into evaluating the the recyclability and potential impact of each material required. We also take an in depth look at our supply chains to ensure that each supplier meets our sustainability requirements.  A critical requirement is that we reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills and where possible, maximise the amount of degradable and recyclable materials used in our packaging and the products themselves.  

Our production and sustainability philosophy:

Use suppliers and processes that are as gentle on the environment as possible and minimise the consumption of water, chemicals and energy. 

Make products that last longer. This is better for our customers who do not need to replace items as often, and results in less waste in our landfills.

We put a significant amount of time into our product design to ensure we have well thought out patterns and product construction to minimise raw material wastage.

Social responsibility comes above profits.