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Fly Fishing NZ

Gear up for the ultimate freshwater fishing experience with Desolve's Freshwater Gear Collection. Our meticulously crafted waders steal the spotlight, offering a choice between the unbeatable durability of Neoprene Waders and the year-round versatility of Breathable Waders.  

Engineered for the challenging terrains and the ever-changing weather of NZ, our Neoprene Waders, including the Infinity Wader, Rapid Wader, and Flow Wader, provide unparalleled warmth and protection.  

On the other hand, our Breathable Waders, such as the Drift Wader and Rise Wader, possess a three-layer waterproof/breathable fabric, ensuring you stay dry while avoiding uncomfortable sweat build-up during extended wear.  

Whether you’re navigating rocky riverbeds or tranquil lakeshores, our Wading Boots Collection complements these waders with top-tier comfort, durability, and traction.  

Elevate your fishing with Desolve's freshwater gear, where the best of Neoprene and Breathable Waders converge for an unparalleled fishing experience.